Silencer Raincaps & Non-silencer Raincaps

Mercury Products manufactures standard raincaps for heavy duty exhaust system protection and single-bolt installation with designs in 1" to 28" diameters. The precision-balanced vane, welded lid and a lubricated metal bushing are combined into one assembly for durability.

Our silencer raincap includes exclusive Zytel® fittings for noise reduction and all are avilable in standard zinc plating, polished chrome, paint or stainless steel to match any exterior.

Materials: Hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminized stainless or custom request.

Sizes: Diameters range from 1" up to 28" per Mercury Product Series Charts or an appropriate diameter to meet your application requirements.

Applications: For stationary engine exhaust, construction and agricultural equipment, military vehicle, etc.
  • Vertical exhaust systems

Assemblies: Standard, Silencer

Finishes: Zinc plated, chrome plated, high-heat paint, polished stainless steel, or other upon your request.


Silencer Raincaps & Non-silencer Raincaps

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